Care & Share operates Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 9.30am -2.30pm

Wellness approaches and initiatives are central in all elements of the Care & Share experience ranging from assessment, service planning and delivery. Care & Share also acknowledges that the capacity of older people may vary over time and the services need to fluctuate accordingly. Care & Share participants will be involved in all levels of service planning and management with a goal orientated focus. Participants will be able to exercise choice in the scheduling of activities to accommodate their individual preferences. Differing abilities and interests of participants will be taken into consideration when planning group activities.

Participants will be encouraged to engage in activities at a level that they feel comfortable with but simultaneously they will be physically and mentally stimulated.

Care & Share has a range of activities available throughout the week. Please download our activity brochure for the comprehensive list. Alternately, tell us what you would like to achieve and our supportive staff will assist you to plan steps to realise your goals.

We offer a range of activities


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Come along to meet new friends, have a laugh, enjoy a cuppa and morning tea. We normally have a weekly catch up discussion and a topical discussion of interest. 

Monday, Thursday and Friday 9.30am to 11am 

Exercise and improve your fitness in a fun and social environment. We have chair-based exercises, light weights and stretching exercises. Other activities include interactive carpet bowls, bocce, games, or a gentle walk outside if the weather is permitting.

Monday, Thursday and Friday 11am to 12pm 

Come along and practise your knitting skills to make your own scarf, blanket or teddy bear. You may like to join in and make squares to be made into rugs to be given to those in need.

Wednesday morning 9.30am to 12pm

We have variety of board games on offer. Come along and join in the fun and laughter. Enjoy Rummicubs, Scrabble and others games.

Wednesday morning 9.30am to 12pm

Bring along your own projects and join in the conversation.

Wednesday morning.

Test your knowledge. Get your brain ACTIVE. Learn something new and enjoy a cuppa.

Monday, Thursday and Friday 9.30am to 11am 

[2 course meal and a drink] We offer a choice of 2 meals or a sandwich, dessert or fruit. Also we can cater for specific dietary requirements.

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 12:00pm 

We have choice of activities for you, including board games, bingo, quizzes, memory games, cards, conversation. Come along and have some fun with a warm cuppa.

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 12:45pm to 2.30pm

Come along and have fun. Try your luck.

Monday, Thursday and Friday afternoon.

Do you like painting or want to learn how to paint? Come along and explore different art mediums and meet new friends with the same interest.

Thursday afternoon 1.00pm to 2.30pm

The Care & Share program strives to improve the health and well being of people over the age of 65 who live in the South/East Metropolitan area.

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We invite you to visit, enjoy a meal and activities with us and see for yourself how enjoyable a day at Care & Share can be. Bring a friend and join in the fun.  

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