Service Quality

Care & Share at Trinity is a Commonwealth funded service. As with all federally funded aged services we are audited every 3 years. We received full marks (18/18) for our previous audit in 2018 under the Home Care Common Standards. We are currently bench marking our service against the new Aged Care Quality Standards to ensure that participants receive the support that they need within a best practice framework

We are committed in continuing to provide a quality service that reflects the level of care that the community can expect from an organisation which provides Commonwealth subsidised aged care services.

Standard 1:
Consumer Dignity and Choice
Consumer outcome: I am treated with dignity & respect and can maintain my identity. I can make informed choices about my care and services and live the life I choose.

Standard 3:
Personal and clinical care 
Consumer outcome: Care & Share is not audited against standard 3 as we are not funded to provide these service types.

Standard 5:
Organisation’s service environment
Consumer outcome: I feel I belong and I am safe and comfortable in the organisation’s service environment.


Standard 7:
Human resources
Consumer outcome: I get quality care and services when I need them from people who are knowledgeable, capable and caring.

Standard 2:
Ongoing assessment and planning with consumers
Consumer outcome: I am a partner in ongoing assessment and planning that helps me get the care and services I need for my health and well-being.

Standard 4:
Services and supports for daily living                                            Consumer outcome: I get the services and supports for daily living that are important for my health and well being and that enable me to do the things I want to do.

Standard 6:
Feedback and complaints
Consumer outcome: I feel safe and am encouraged and supported to give feedback and make complaints. I am engaged in processes to address my feedback and complaints, and appropriate action is taken.

Standard 8:
Organisational Governance
Consumer outcome: I am confident the organisation is well run. I can partner in improving the delivery of care and services.

Note: Consumer outcomes describe the result of a service or support such as an improvement in an individual’s well being.


We offer a range of activities

The Care & Share program strives to improve the health and well being of people over the age of 65 who live in the South/East Metropolitan area.

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