Covid 19

Like so many other social gatherings, Care & Share has been in hibernation during the outbreak of the Corona 19 virus pandemic.

Our regular participants have remained safely at home following physical distancing guidelines. This has not meant that they cannot remain socially connected.

At Care & Share we believe that it is important to continue to provide welfare and social interaction albeit in a different way.

Our new initiative: “Care and Share at Home” commenced on 23/3/20.

To keep in touch with participants we have been calling them regularly for a chat and welfare check.

Each week we send a newsletter and some activities, puzzles and quizzes to keep everyone busy. On alternate fortnights we have been delivering Care & Share at Home packs which include games, fun things to do, little surprises and most importantly some biscuits and muffins freshly made by our cook. The packs are really a slice of Care & Share but delivered to participants homes. Care & Share at Home is a practical way of continuing our social connectivity but at a physical distance.

Even our “Nutty Knitters” are still knitting squares to make rugs to give to those in need.

We have received some lovely comments and heartfelt thanks from our participants. All the team at Care & Share are really pleased to be able to get together again with everyone. 

The Care & Share program strives to improve the health and well being of people over the age of 65 who live in the South/East Metropolitan area.

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We invite you to visit, enjoy a meal and activities with us and see for yourself how enjoyable a day at Care & Share can be. Bring a friend and join in the fun.  

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